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Chimneys, Chimney Lining Supply and Installation

A fireplace is essential to operate a fire safely, allowing hot air and combustion gases to rise and exit the home without exposing the house and its occupants to any hazards. It allows smoke to exit as hot air rises, but if the cold air is leaking into the duct, this can affect the performance of the fireplace.

Flue Liners

To ensure maximum safety, all flues should be constructed with a liner and since 1965 it has been a legal requirement. If your home was built before 1965, you may have to look to realign your home before installing an active fire. But even if it was built later, you may see that the flue has become eroded over time, allowing tar and condensation can escape or become too cold.

Traditionally, the only way of lining a flue was by opening the fireplace and installing clay within. Fortunately, today there are options that are much easier and less expensive, such as the installation of a flexible stainless steel liner.

Here at YSL we are able to provide efficient, reliable flue re-lining to ensure your stove provides optimum performance. If you think your chimney or flue may require relining, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are able to conduct a professional inspection and we provide advice and recommendations as well as complete recoating services.

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